Firesole Irons

 Find the weight right where you need it 


Taylor Made® FireSole™ Irons aren’t like any other set of irons. In fact, they aren’t even like each other. The long, mid and short irons have been constructed individually to get optimal weight distribution from each and every club.

Every iron can feel like your favorite iron.

We don’t have to tell you. A shot with a 3-iron is different from a shot with a 9-iron. And each shot makes different demands on the club. Our new FireSole irons are the first set of irons designed with this in mind. We’ve developed an exclusive vector weight distribution system that allows for continuous weight flow from club to club. Which means now each individual iron has its center of gravity in the exact ideal location. So you can feel equally confident about every club in the set.

Three ways to get your weight down.

To get the lowest possible center of gravity for long irons, we make the clubhead out of lightweight titanium for a bigger, more forgiving sweetspot. Then we use high density tungsten as a sole plug. This makes it easier to launch the ball into the air on longer shots. And more weight under the ball at impact results in a consistent trajectory, shot after shot.

Our mid irons have an oversized clubhead made from a nickel-steel alloy for maximum stability and a softer feel. Tungsten heel/toe weighting plugs get the center of gravity down. Together this creates the perfect combination: accurate shotmaking with a high-trajectory.

We feature uniform balanced weighting in our short irons. This creates precision, ultimate deadly accuracy and unparalleled right/left control. A progressive cavity design insures that each club has just the right amount of weight in just the right place. Made from a nickel steel alloy, these irons create a new standard for feel.

They look as good as they play.

Even though each FireSole iron has been designed separately, they all share a strong family resemblance, starting with traditional sized heads for better control and maneuverability. They all have the same attractive good looks, integrating the styling into the technology from grip to tip. They also share our Scoreline Alignment system. This makes it easier to address the ball and line up shots accurately in all lighting conditions.

And of course, each FireSole iron also has the famous Taylor Made Bubble® shaft. We found a way to make a good thing even better, enhancing its performance by making it five grams lighter and tuning it to the latest FireSole technology. This translates to even more distance from every swing, without a loss of control.

Taylor Made FireSole irons. They’ve got weight where you need it so you can put the ball where you want it.