SuperSteel for a Better Feel

The CXI Story

The new CXI franchise represents an evolution. An evolution in sole design, in feel, and in overall performance. The CXI, as a contemporary adaptation to more conventional perimeter weighted iron models, Incorporates subtle design features to enhance playability, stability and feel.

From model to model, one of the most prominent CXI design features is the CXI sole. It has been uniquely designed to serve a function from iron to iron, with variations in width, radius and camber. The CXI Men's sole features a performance radius for versatility and playability. The CXI/SF and CXI/L are more rounded to reduce digging and promote a more efficient transfer of energy from club to ball.

The CXI line is also defined by distinctive feel amplifiers. Reaching to points around the head are "X" reinforcement bars that deliver feel and stability around the clubface. In complement to the bars is a unique system of weight displacement and feel optimization classified as Parabolic Perimeter Weighting. Carefully included in what appears to be a maximum perimeter weighted design is a positioning of weight that gradually brings mass from the extremities of the iron to the center, extrapolating feel from the center location to more points around the head.

A new era of exclusive lightweight graphite shaft technology is alive in the new Airweight shaft featured in the CXI/SF and CXI/L models. Weighing less than a conventional grip, the use of the Airweight shaft in the CXI line distinguishes Cobra from other major U.S. manufacturers. This shaft qualifies Cobra as the first to offer an iron shaft at less than 50 grams. It represents a major industry first and a giant forward step in lightweight shaft design.

CXI / Men's

The CXI Men's is a contemporary performance iron. With its gentle radius, the sole of the CXI Men's iron allows for versatility and playability from various lies. A flatter central point along the sole promotes and encourages aggressive shotmaking. A soft bevel reduces the tendency for the sole to dig. Parabolic Perimeter Weighting, coupled with a heat-treated 431 stainless steel, accentuates feel throughout the clubhead. The use of soft lines in design throughout the set creates an evenly-profiled series of irons, where a moderate topline inspires both solid playability and performance.  

The arms of the X-backô create an equal dispersion of weight throughout the rear cavity. The resulting ball flight does not float from a center of gravity too low or fall from the sky from a center of gravity too high.

The steel shaft for the CXI Men's is the True Temper Dynalite. The graphite shaft is the Cobra Ultralight. The grip is the Cobra Crossline.  




An innovative set composition story is the distinguishing feature of the CXI/SF line. Lengths, lofts and sole widths have been designed in tandem so the the CXI/SF irons have greater function from iron to iron. Golfers get more out of their sets to cover wider yardage gaps. Set function is enhanced by a prominent wide sole with increased radius and camber, both front to back and heel to toe. The combination of the wide, playable sole and the extremely lightweight proprietary Airweight graphite shaft translates to more efficient club-ground contact. Cleaner contact helps to maintain swing speed and increase the efficient delivery of the clubhead through the ball.  

In both the long and short irons of the CXI/SF, the width and mass of the sole maximizes playability. It raises ball flight by bringing the center of gravity slightly lower in the clubhead. Rather than digging, slight mis-hits are more likely to glide through the turf efficiently.

The graphite shaft for the CXI/SF is the Airweight, Lite R flex. The grip for the CXI/SF is the Cobra Crossline.  


CXI / Ladies

The new CXI/L is representative of Cobra's evolving concepts in the area of women's golf equipment. A detailed focus on the performance of each iron in women's bags has led to the development of CXI/L short irons with more lift where short shots fly higher and land softer into greens with more control. CXI/L long irons are also uniquely functional, with a wide sole that glides through the turf; mass has been relocated down to bring shots up. More consistent shots with more height, spin and overall distance eliminate the common problem of many women's sets where clubs fly the same distance. A special utility short game club, available singly or with the set, completes the CXI/L line. It is designed for all-purpose shots within 40 yards of the green.  

Where conventional womens sets may have several shots that effectively fly the same distance, the set composition, lengths and lofts of the new CXI/L generates greater yardage gaps. The set of CXI/L expands the utility of each iron within the bag.


The graphite shaft for the CXI/L is the Airweight L flex. A light, comfortable and tacky grip by Winn is the stock grip for all CXI/L irons.